is a terrible download free service in short, it sucks.

I am helping a small film festival  in Toronto Canada by downloading submissions they intend to screen for their festival this summer onto a 1Terabyte portable hard drive, but first downloading to my laptop hard drive.

There are only a few free services available to small independent filmmakers and student filmmakers on shoe string bugets. WeTransfer and Dropbox offer up to two gigs free. Google Drive on the other hand is free up to 15 gigs. and 20 gigs free.

I have use all the free services from various filmmakers around the world. Most of the films I am download are between 8 and 12 gigs, some are compressed.

For large files up to 12 gigs Google Drive is the best, takes 10 minutes to download.  I just happen to have fairly fast internet package at 95 Mbps.  I also have a 1T Dropbox account. another fast service. 1T accounts cost $120 Canadian, but are worth it.

WeTransfer is OK if the file is under one megabyte. is the worst,  as it uses your browser to download the file.  Don't believe the have hype that Chrome is better than any other browser. server is located in the USA. I live in Canada. Today I an download a 12 gigabyte file from France, the download meter oscillates between 5 hours and 11 hours an average about four hours, in other words,  a terrible download services avoid it if possible unless the receiver of your files has nothing better to do six hours..

The reason it’s so slow is because they piggyback anything over 2 GB on someones paid services, a potion not used. If no paid service is downloading when you are,  than expect extremely slow service.  It’s a scam. 20 GB free is fraud plain and simple to get you to pay for premier services.

I am not an employee and have no connection to any of the download services, nor am I paid to recommend any of the services. I do recommend Google Drive however for files your sending to a film festival.  The receiver of the file will happy that it downloaded in ten minutes or less.

FOOTNOTE - crapped out and Failed to download via MyAirBridge.