Outexpressions favourite queer DJs who play West Village

We have many DJs playing in the Toronto's Queer West Village and listed on Outexpressions  What's on: In queer Toronto today? these are some of the Publisher’s, Michel F. Paré, favourites and met most of them. including DJ Cozmic Cat (Picture above), as has DJ Chiclet played at the annual Queer West Fest several times.

DJ Chiclet, Toronto -  https://soundcloud.com/dj-chiclet
DJ Jeremy Khamkeo, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/jeremy-khamkeo
DJ Sammy Rawal, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/sammy_rawal
DJ Diego Armand, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/diego-armand
DJ Scooter McCreight, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/scooterto
DJ Honey Dijon, NYC - https://soundcloud.com/honeydijon
DJ Pleasure, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/djpleasur3
DJ  Black Cat (Mykel Hall) Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/dj-blackcat
DJ Fawn Big Canoe, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/fawn-big-canoe
DJ  Aeryn Pfaff, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/djaerynpfaff
DJ Yes Yes Nino Brown, Toronto https://soundcloud.com/yes-yes-nino-brown
DJ Ace Dillinger, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/ace-dillinger
DJ Vaughan, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/its-vaughan
DJ Denise Benson, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/denisebenson
DJ Cozmic Cat, Toronto (Pictured above) - https://soundcloud.com/djcozmic