Outexpressions favourite queer DJs who play West Village

We have many DJs playing in the Toronto's Queer West Village and listed on Outexpressions  What's on: In queer Toronto today? these are some of the Publisher’s, Michel F. Par√©, favourites and met most of them. including DJ Cozmic Cat (Picture above), as has DJ Chiclet played at the annual Queer West Fest several times.

DJ Chiclet, Toronto -  https://soundcloud.com/dj-chiclet
DJ Jeremy Khamkeo, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/jeremy-khamkeo
DJ Sammy Rawal, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/sammy_rawal
DJ Diego Armand, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/diego-armand
DJ Scooter McCreight, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/scooterto
DJ Honey Dijon, NYC - https://soundcloud.com/honeydijon
DJ Pleasure, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/djpleasur3
DJ  Black Cat (Mykel Hall) Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/dj-blackcat
DJ Fawn Big Canoe, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/fawn-big-canoe
DJ  Aeryn Pfaff, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/djaerynpfaff
DJ Yes Yes Nino Brown, Toronto https://soundcloud.com/yes-yes-nino-brown
DJ Ace Dillinger, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/ace-dillinger
DJ Vaughan, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/its-vaughan
DJ Denise Benson, Toronto - https://soundcloud.com/denisebenson
DJ Cozmic Cat, Toronto (Pictured above) - https://soundcloud.com/djcozmic