Ontario Government has our permision to sell TVO to highest bidder.

TVO is operated by the Ontario Educational Communications Authority, a Crown corporation owned by the Government of Ontario.

TVO should be call BBC 2   Tons and tons on shows about British life every day of the week. Steve Pakin (The Agenda) Canadian journalist, author, and documentary producer at TVO, is not only on at 8 pm, The same show is on again  five times over the next eight houses. 

TVO has been running a a sappy cop show called Heart Beat (Friday night 9 pm) same show repeatedly for the last 20 years. The worst night of the week has to be Saturday evening, start off with Coast ( What else but  a BBC show) follow by dreary documentaries. Please bring back Saturday Night at Movies.

Canadian content nil or close to it. All the series show,s whether about gardening, architecture or history, 98%  at British commentators  Monty Don's gardens,  Dr. Lucy Worsely the Tudors, War Time Farms, Time Team the list is endless.

We won't begin to tell you how much we loved WNED pbs.org station in Buffalo Maybe TVO could become more like PBS. and fire the Ontario Educational Communications Authority, from running it.