Toronto DailyXtra broadsheet takes a dive

By Michel F. Paré *

I'm  not to fond of the new DailyXtra website, seldom visit any more.

It’s the end of an era in the gay community. After 31 years, bi-weekly Xtra  went 100 per cent digital on  Thursday February 19, 2015  the print edition  was the last to fill its pink newspaper boxes.

Xtra doesn't publish how many people were reading the Broadsheet or for that matter site visitors.

Xtra was a  G & L broadsheet newspaper, with good stories about Toronto gay village. I loved getting my bi-monthly gay newspaper on Thursday's, from a local Pink Box, to read over morning coffee.

The paper is gone of course, as have all the local social advertising and local stories, with a downloadable PDF copy. Letters to Editor has ended and public comments on stories too.

All Toronto dailies allow public comments, just not Xtra and yes I had an occasional Letter to editor published, four times in 2014

The event listings & local news for Toronto are poor, one would think, nothing is happening here, you have to scroll through 45 pages to find something interesting. It's no wonder OUTxpressions event listing readership is up three-x, daily.

DailyXtra was always very generous too local non profits by reducing advertising costs, for example;  proving  space to Queer West Fest for a yearly display ads,  promoting the Toronto Queer Arts Festival,  through banner advertising . Xtra no longer provides this service, pity!

I now turn to  Towelroad for national news or Daily Grind. There is some Toronto news and events on Pink Pages Directory - The Buzz, but I find the editor biased,  about reporting anything happening in other gay Toronto neighbourhoods, promoting only the Church Street gay village events and then only with a paltry of events.  For American News LGBTQ Nation is a good site to visit

For International News  I do daily visits to Gay Star News or theguardian in UK for world LGBTQ rights. ~

* Michel F. Paré, .is the artistic director of Toronto Queer Arts Festival