Members of QuAIA accuse Toronto Queer West Film Festival of Pinkwashing

The festival issue a statement yesterday, including Facebook.

Pink-washers Us?

Pink-washing? – Queer West has no intention pulling two Israeli films from our festival, neither is political and are just human interest stories.

The festival is not being sponsored by the Israeli Consulate in 2015. To accuse Queer West of Pink-washing: Saying our  focus is primarily white filmmakers, and more specifically Israeli filmmakers, is utter nonsense.

Our lineup this year is a diverse production which includes a trans filmmakers, children’s film about cross dressers, lesbian seniors, punk drag queens,  two female Zimbabwe filmmakers,  film about an Egyptian gay lovers and human gay rights story about Arab Tunisia and . 

We won’t let members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) use us, as their political football, let them go bash some other festival.

We are not going deny film makers the right to screen at our festival, based on their nationality,  the colour of their skin or who sponsors them.

We made good selection decisions,  regarding the range of the 15 films to be shown this year. We received close to 150 submission this year, from all over the world, but none from Palestine  .

Queer West Board of Directors

Toronto International Queer West Film Festival