is not the same as the USA Log Cabin Republicans

I was asked to join which was formed May 15, 2015 and why I have no interest. This is group of so called LGBT Canadian Progressive Conservatives, who are mostly failed politicians. I don’t know any elected Conservative Members of Parliament that are out and Proud.

This Toronto base group seems more interested in Marching in Pride Parades, then actively being involved in making changes within the Tory caucus, unlike the Log Cabin Republicans; 

 LGBT Tory web site is sparse; contain no mission statement, nothing about LGBT legislation. Unlike the Log Cabin Republicans, the LGBT Tory group, doesn’t talk to the main street press or any national newspaper for that matter, about who they are and what they have accomplished. 

Stand back and wait ten years, see if see if they turn out be an active force for change, within Canadian Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Now is not the time to join them.