Microsoft Windows 10 a free download for 75 million, is one to many.

 August 14, 2015 - Windows 10 sucks, if you did as we did, let Microsoft update our Windows 7 office laptop to Windows 10 via the Internet. You may be sorry.  Lots of bugs and privacy issues. We attempted to roll back to Windows 7 a week later , which according to Microsoft we had 30 days to do so.

False! We got suck into endless loop of trying to restore the system, wouldn't shut down and reboot. Thankfully backed we up all our files, and Bookmarks. It is now sitting in computer shop being reformatted and Windows 7 Professional,  put back on  it again for $60.

We may get it today if we're lucky, then it will be a lot work putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

 "Joe a house guest, let us use his computer today." You want Windows 10? Buy a new computer or buy the software $118-150 and do a clean install.

Windows 10 is free because Microsoft wants to sell you stuff  through "The Store" and of track everything you do, even when you tell it not to do so.

Several of our business friends also went down the same path this week and quickly removed  Windows 10  and rolled back to 8.1, although they didn't experience the problems we did..

Besides Windows 7 is a stable product and good till 2020, by that time there may be another Microsoft Windows  12 or something which could be a more stable product.
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