Homophobia, Islamic Terror and guns.

Seeing a lot stories in my Facebook News Feed who the Orlando killer was not. In my opinion it was 3 elements, not a single cause. Homophobia, Islamic Terror and guns.

Banning assault rifles won't solve America's problems, as the Boston Bombers proved who were Islamic Terrorists and used pressure cookers, filled nails and ball bearings to kill innocent people, guns will continue kill in America, just as they do in Canada, where there is ban on assault rifles.

Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations is about Homophobia among other things they hate. Isis is against everything the West stands for and it's acceptance of homosexual life style. 

Mateen was American domestic terrorist who followed the teachings of Jihadists through the Internet and so called friends. The attack confirms it, I can't understand why stories are continuing to deny this and say he was just a deranged Homophobe. 

Orlando massacre is not over there anymore in the Middle East and Europe, it's here with us, and it should be a concern for Canadians since we too, are an open tolerant society..