Trax's V a long gone Toronto gay bar

A table coaster from Trax's.....I miss the rough trade bar Trax's at 529 Yonge St (At Breadalbane, one below Wellesley On the outer edges of the Church and Wellesley-centred gay village)

Trax was haunted. Literally and figuratively. A former children's funeral parlour, if you can believe it. It never shook the reputation, or the air. It did have two split-level decks out back that had a good Sunday tea dance, but no one willingly hung out in the front section, with it's chapel-like coffered ceiling and it's large gothic windows.

 Funeral parlour, bah humbug I  hung out there a lot, 80's early 90s, it had a assortment of regulars; hustlers, drunks, blowhards, windbags, the Spearhead crowd in chaps and leather and a front bartender named Trixie, use to make me wonderful Alabama Slammers. James Stephenson (otherwise known as Trixie) Sadly he passed away from a heart attack a few years ago he was likely late 40’s. I learned today.

He was quite character and gentlemen too. I stopped drinking in 1991, sober for 25 years. I seldom go downtown now to Church St., too many memories. All bars I hung at are gone, except Woody's I guess?