Happy Fathers Day Dad

Happy Fathers day Dad. My Dad was born in 1908, eloped/married in 1930, two sons. 1st born 1931 and Moi 1940. Died in 1973.

In his Youth living on Huron St in Toronto, where Fort Book is now, . he lit the stove fires for Jewish neighbors at sundown on Friday evenings

He was International President of the Canadian Typographical Union sometime in the 40's and worked for 23 years for Toronto Globe and Mail as a Linotype operator (pictured) until the Toronto Newspaper strike in 1964 which he blamed on union negotiators.

He didn't walk the picket line, saving me the embarrassment of crossing the picket lines, to work as a librarian at the Globe.

I learned a lot from My Dad. Love of Nature, building model airplanes, raising pigeons. fishing in the Humber River and of course the love reading.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I miss you!