Did I mention I now live in Toronto Parkdale again?

.Did I  mention I now live in Parkdale again? Nice quiet building on 6th floor of 7 stories. Most residents, that live here, are older Tibetans people, very few speak any English. My build is next to Parkdale Collegiate.

My view is looking north with a horizon from Dundas/ Bloor to Yonge Street. The school has a little park with many trees and a landing pad, where some 400 pigeons (Rollers I think) are feed by locals with stale bread and sometimes grain. Some people have a low opinion of Parkdale and call it Crackdale, but Crack can be found anywhere in the city.

 I did lived in Parkdale 20 years ago at corner of Close Ave and Queen W, musician Jason Farrar  lived across the hall. He still lives there. Close is the next street over from me. A few of my Peeps live close by me. I was born in Parkdale Ward 13, although I did live elsewhere for some 38 yrs.

I have done a fair amount of volunteer work in Parkdale since 1996, everything from a nine year queer film festival to a queer arts & culture festival to an UnConference Series for Young LGBT Adults (2010) ..One item that interests me, is the the new Ward for Parkdale, and who might be our city councilor Gord Perks, Ana Bailão or somebody else?   rumblings by  MFP